Welcome to the finest digital jewelry on the blockchain, where world class digital jewelry design can be paired with real world product. Designed, developed, and deployed organically through Web3 community building initiatives.


CryptoJeweler is at the forefront of redefining limited luxury and digital jewelry through Web3 and blockchain technology. In an industry plagued by excessive inventory and overhead, we can offer exclusive collections owned digitally as NFTs. Those items collected will be physically orderable exclusively by that owner.

Access AND pricing for drops and new collections are directly tied to ownership of the Alpha1 Pendant and Chains NFT.

Every NFT in the CryptoJeweler ecosystem is a fully producible piece of jewelry.

By utilizing NFTs, we can redefine the sustainable business model for the entire fine jewelry industry, all while rewarding holders with utility through holder exlusive collections, discounts on physical jewelry, and so much more.


The CryptoJeweler ecosystem is constantly expanding. As a holder of any item in the ecosystem, collectors will have access to extremely competitive pricing on all physical items, including further holder discounts for collectors who own multiple assets. Every piece of digital jewelry designed by CryptoJeweler is physically producible, meaning that all assets are used as a unique token that allows the purchase of that physical piece.


Value is created and returned back to our holders through holder exclusive new collections, coupled with discounts that make our jewelery affordable to everyone.



Our partner and collaboration list is growing as our community expands into many more Web3 projects and initiatives. Dropping beautiful pieces of jewelry for communities across Web3 has been a huge success for our brand as well as bringing incredible proven value to the projects and brands that create with us!


Together, we are building the next natural step for the jewelry industry through NFT's/Web3 and re-defining a sustainable business model for the entire industry.

Michael Gauthier

Jacob Bamdas