The CryptoJeweler brand is the first and finest collection of jewelry on the blockchain. It’s industry changing vision harnesses the power of NFTs to create a new sustainable business model for the jewelry industry, and lead the way in innovation for luxury E-Commerce in Web3, while becoming a powerhouse as a Web2 brand.

Michael Gauthier joined the NFT space in January of 2021. For the next 6 months, the conversations in Clubhouse shaped the NFT space as we know it today, where most of the conversation is in Twitter Spaces. After a few collaborations with better known artists, the CryptoJeweler brand was created and launched its first collection called “The Liftoff Collection” on Rarible. From there, a new 1/1 collection called Limited Fine Jewelry and a collection of editions dubbed the Limited Edition Series started as the first serious collections of digital fine jewelry on the blockchain. Both collections are ongoing.

Towards the end of 2021, Chains NFT was conceptualized after Michael Gauthier and Jacob Bambas joined forces to create a much bigger vision surrounding not just jewelry but IRL experiences such as concierge services and luxury lifestyle offerings to holders. In January 2022 Chains NFT minted, sold out, and has since built one of the strongest communities in the Web3 arena.




My name is Michael Ray A.K.A. The Cryptojeweler and the designer of Chains NFT. I am honored to have deployed the first generative fine jewelry drop in the world, which is also fully producable as physical jewelry. Chains NFT aren’t just NFTs, they are producible heirlooms with a very real vibe.

Before I joined the NFT community in late January 2021, I designed and built 3D jewelry models for one of the largest fine jewelry manufacturers in the US as well as celebrity jewelers in New York and Houston, helping bring clients visions to life. Many pieces of jewelry I’ve created are owned by music artists and celebrities we all know. I now get to bring my own visions for jewelry to light and get to work with other world class talent throughout the NFT space, helping shape the future of NFT’s, Luxury Fashion, and jewelry.

I’ve found my true aesthetic in jewelry and built a recognizable web3 jewelry brand that will soon be a household name. I’m incredibly honored to be in a position not only to further my vision, but to uplift others in the process. This is the beginning of a new era of shared ownership and collaboration throughout society. Brands being built today will not operate like web2 brands we know now. I aim to make Cryptojeweler one of those brands that collaborate with other artists in the jewelry industry and allow them to be seen, collected, and valued for their own creations just like I have been able to do for mine.

What an opportunity we have: to build a future the way we want it.



My name is Jacob Bamdas, and I am the other half of both Chains and CryptoJeweler. I work on the operations side of the entity, and helped oversee the growth, structuring, and go-to-market strategy behind our first generative collection, Chains NFT.

Prior to working with Michael, I acted as a GP at a digital asset opportunity fund working to deliver value to accredited investors. Additionally, I was an analyst in finance and deal-structuring with Paperstreet, a venture capital platform specializing in blockchain oriented investment services. I have been an active angel investor in early-stage projects, including several ICOs and pre-seed investments since ~2016.

Besides working on CryptoJeweler (which is of course my full time job), I currently serve as a General Partner at Game Fund Partners - a fund puorely focused on technology/gaming driven investments. I am beyond excited about what we are building here and cannot wait to show you all what we have in store!